Key Toppers

Key Toppers

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Dress up your keychain with these handmade leather key toppers. Not only do they make your keys look classy, they also serve a practical purpose by allowing you to quickly find the right key! Opt for a single key topper to distinguish one key on your keychain so that you can easily find it among the rest by touch or select the set of three option to color code your keys. Choose between four colors: natural, light brown, chocolate brown, and black. Fits standard key sizes.

  • 1" H x 1 3/8" W
  • Various colors available
  • Custom stamping available

*IMPORTANT! All sets of three will include (1) natural, (1) light brown, and (1) black key topper UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED in your order. Please select "SET OF 3" in the Color drop down when choosing any set of three option in the Quantity and Stamping drop down. You may also choose the stamped options and have your initials or a letter for the door the key goes to (i.e. "O" for Office, "H" for Home, etc.) stamped onto the leather. Stamped toppers will be stamped with the letter on each side in the lower right corner (you may choose to have the stamp placed in the center, on the left lower corner, etc. just let me know and we'll make it happen!) Please specify the letter or letters to be stamped if you choose the Single Stamped or Set Stamped options.*

*Please allow for some variation in color, as all of the leather is hand dyed. 

Pair it perfectly with the Key Leash. Shop this style here.

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