Stitch & Shutter founder Megan Combs started creating leather goods in mid 2014 when asked to create a custom baldric. With a fine art background in photography and fabric design, Megan has always enjoyed dabbling in various mediums but found "home" while working with leather. 

"I truly love the timelessness and durability of leather. I particularly love things that force me to slow down, things that take a great amount of patience and attention to detail. Leather work offers this in many ways."- Megan, Owner of S&S

The cutout collection, the first collection offered by S&S, plays off of Megan's art mantra- "a delicate strength." This has been a recurring theme in Megan's work and she applies it to the collection by creating abstract, hand cut pieces that combine fine, delicate lines with the strength of leather.






All items in the collection are handmade by Megan from start to finish in Denver, CO USA. Pieces are created using vegetable tanned cowhide leather of varying weights. Each item begins as a simple concept which is sketched by hand. After the initial sketch, the design is broken down into each component and a new drawing is made showing the exact number of pockets, panels, cuts, snaps, rivets, etc. needed to complete the sample. Next, materials are sourced and the sample is created by hand which involves hand cutting, hand dying, and saddle stitching. Each item is finished at the edges with beeswax from Megan's father's bees. However, the process doesn't end there. After the first sample is made, Megan personally wears or utilizes the item for a period of time until it's ready for the consumer. This period could involve several redesigns before the final product is available.

"My goal with the products I offer is to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern yet timeless designs."- Megan