Silobration Vendor Finds!


I scooped up so many awesome Christmas gifts and a few goodies for myself while shopping my fellow vendors during Magnolia’s Silobration! I’m sharing my finds here, go check out the shops that make and sell these lovely items, I know you’ll want them too!

These gorgeous plants from Desk Plants are currently residing in my living room/entryway. I have been wanting a ZZ Plant and a Snake Plant variety (I went with a Black Coral Sansevieria) for a while and hadn’t added any to my plant family yet, so I was BEYOND excited to see that Desk Plants was going to be a vendor at Silobration. I had these two plant babes on my list before I even got to the event. And how perfectly modern and minimal are these planters? I mean, c’mon.

I was lucky to have two incredible vendor neighbors at Silobration, one of whom was Kristen Saksa Juen. I adored her ceramics and grabbed this gorgeous ceramic plate with the most lovely shades of pink and yellow. It’s pretty obvious I’m not a big fan of color (all things neutral over here!) so I really love how subtle these hints of color are.

These sweet little earrings from Summer Ellis are called the Tali Studs and they make the perfect present! I grabbed this pair in sterling silver for…someone (shhhh) and I can’t wait to give it as a gift! They’re the cutest little hand-forged tear drops and they even come with an extra set of backs.

Chris and I always use our many reusable grocery bags when we (cough, HE, cough) go to the grocery store and I really wanted to add some produce bags to that assortment. I love these hand dyed Net Market Bags from Dye Raid. The two I picked up are dyed with tumeric and red sandalwood tree bark! Also, if anyone wants to send me their plain Dusty Tumeric Bandana, I wouldn’t argue. *Wink.

My twin nieces are going to be sporting these matching sweatshirts from Ramble & Company in a few months. I mean “stick together” camping themed sweatshirts? On twins? I couldn’t help myself. The cuteness was just too much.

Speaking of the twins, they love their wooden toys more than anything and I happened to be vending right next to Wee Bee Box so I was obviously going to be leaving Waco with some wooden toys in tow. I grabbed some food themed ones to go with their much loved modern kitchen set. I’ve had my eye on a few of the fabric and wooden veggies for a while and the s’mores were impossible to resist.

Okay, last and certainly not least…I was crushing hard on this RBG planter from LemonGlaze from the moment I saw LG maker, Carmen, share it on Instagram. I needed one immediately and there’s someone else getting one as a gift as well. We all need a little of the Queen nearby. They’re a brand new style and I’m not sure if it’s online quite yet but I know it will be available online soon!