Now It's Personal! Did You Know You Can Customize These 3 Items?


Everyone loves custom. Especially when it doesn’t cost an arm, a leg, and your first born. And when it comes to leather goods and accessories, there are so many options for making your items even more, well, YOU. Here’s a list of Stitch & Shutter products that you can easily personalize with your own mantras, quotes, and initials.

1. The Wall Sign


With five standard, go-to phrases in four different color ways, the Wall Sign offers plenty of options for any space but you can also order your own, custom quote etched on one of these leather signs. Gorgeous propped up on a shelf or desk as well as mounted on the wall with the brass or steel dome screws that come with, this is one of my absolute favorite home pieces. Add a little welcoming touch to an entryway, post an inspiring message in a kids room, or put your favorite quote where you’ll see it daily.

2. Mantra Keychains


The Mantra Keychains make one heck of a unique gift. Have one engraved with a favorite saying, inside joke, or even write and scan a hand written note to someone special so they can carry it with them everywhere they go. Does it get much more personal than that?

3. Mantra Bookmark


What bookworm doesn’t have a favorite quote? Have a gorgeous and practical Mantra Bookmark customized with a short mantra, quote, or words from your favorite book or poem. And an added perk to the laser etched items? You can even customize with your own choice of font style!