Studio Shoot with Michael Ash for Guest House


Several weeks ago, Michael Ash came by the studio for a photo shoot and I’m thrilled to share the images with you!

If you didn’t see my previous blog post about working with Guest House, you can check that out HERE. Guest House is an awesome company that stages homes for sale in Denver and Boulder and they use goods and furniture from local makers to do it! You can read even more about Guest House on their website.

I started working with them in June 2019 and since then, they’ve started to set up some very cool shoots and interviews with artists and makers in their spaces. They’re really highlighting the people and hands behind the work found in their staged homes and I cannot wait to see how they continue to do this in the future.

So, here’s some shots from the studio that I think you’ll love! I had a few orders due to ship when we did this shoot so I got to work on several different pieces while Michael was visiting. What better way for you to see some behind-the-scenes and get an idea of some different steps in the leather working process? Scroll through and enjoy!