Changing a Room with The Wall Strap


I recently installed three Wall Straps in my bedroom to hold my main rotation of handbags. I tend to leave my everyday carry items in one of two Tote Bags (the other holds an array of sunglasses and lip products to choose from, as well as extra hand sanitizers and a larger wallet that I seldom use) and the OG O-Ring Shoulder Bag is my go-to swap-out for when I want to dress things up a little.


Previously, they were just sadly slumped on the floor below where they’re now hanging. The door didn’t open fully because of where they were sitting and we have three furry little maniacs running around so you can imagine just how much dust and hair would cluster around the bags when they were thrown on the floor.

It felt like time to clean up and organize this little corner behind our bedroom door so I put the new Wall Straps to work. I grabbed three of them in the soft brown + brass colorway and staggered them so that the two totes would hang one above the other and the O-Ring Bag would hang to the right of them.

Wall Straps with Bags

I’ve been doing a lot of rearranging, decluttering, and home improvements lately but WOW. For such a quick and simple project (it seriously took about 5 minutes to drill and hang all three straps), this one totally transformed the space and brought me so much joy because this little nook no longer feels temporary and haphazard but rather, it has a sense of purpose behind it and a whole new organized look.

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