A Break Down of the New Home Collection


The new Home Collection features so many amazing and affordable pieces of decor for your favorite spaces and I’m beyond thrilled that these items are now live for you to enjoy in your own homes! Whether your style is farmhouse chic, modern, contemporary, minimalist, industrial, traditional, or (like me) a mix, this collection of home goods is meant to pair beautifully and add a touch of organic detail.

Many of these styles have been living on paper for several years, just waiting for their chance to shine. I finally felt that it was time to make this most recent collection a reality and spent several months in the spring of this year finalizing designs, making samples, adjusting slightly, and testing out pieces in my own home.

This launch includes over 10 pieces and one of my main goals was to make each of those items incredibly affordable. It became clear that with all the new styles, none of them would be hand-stitched but would rather be stitch-free designs to make sure that I could keep costs REALLY low while still offering gorgeous leather pieces.

If you’re not familiar with the process that goes into the majority of the designs from Stitch & Shutter, everything is completely made by hand with the exception of some of the newer items that include laser cutting &/or engraving (each of these items is noted as such in their descriptions). Other than the laser cut pieces, everything is fully hand cut, then hand dyed, hand stitched, and hand burnished. That’s a quick and easy way to sum up the whole process which often also includes setting hardware by hand, always applying a finish after dye, wrestling handbags right-side-out after stitching, hand painting, etc. etc. The burnishing process itself is also at least a 4-step process involving application of gum tragacanth, burnishing with wood, application of beeswax, burnishing with wood, repeat, repeat....

The time that goes into making even the simplest, most affordable pieces like the Key Toppers is far more than I think anyone would assume or realize. I keep my retail prices as low as possible, often pricing items more as “this is the most a consumer would pay for an item in this category” rather than making sure I’m paying myself or covering my time. Generally speaking, cost of goods gets covered and cost of time is less of a sure thing. Leather and the hardware that go into the items in the S&S collection are expensive materials and as I’m sure many artists and small business owners know, paying yourself is a constant struggle wrapped up with a whole jumble of feelings about self-worth and so much more.

So, anyway. The new Home Collection was designed to be stylish and functional and to not only look great in your home but to help you achieve those wow-worthy, cozy spaces you don’t want to leave without breaking the bank. Hang your hat on the Wall Strap, host a dinner party with the Square Coasters and Napkin Rings, master an IKEA hack with the Leather Drawer Handles and Pulls, stash your mail in the Wall Envelope, make your home office swoon-worthy with the Leather Rulers and Protractors, personalize any space with Wall Mounted Signs (even a custom one!), or put the Leather Woven Basket’s multi-tasking prowess to work.

There are endless possibilities and I can not wait to see how you incorporate these items into your everyday lives!