The Queen: RBG

I’m currently reading Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s My Own Words and I mean, that bold, incredible woman is just the absolute bomb. So to celebrate a woman totally worth celebrating, I thought I would share some of my very favorite RBG finds from kids books to pins and tees.

I Dissent- Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark by Debbie Levy (isn’t that a fun name to say?) and illustrated by Elizabeth Baddeley: I love this book. It’s got the cutest illustrations and it gives young boys and girls an awesome example of what women are capable of. This children’s book starts at the very beginning of RBG’s life and really lets her story unfold so that you can totally understand where she got her start and how she came to be the second female justice in the United States Supreme Court. I read this one to the twins while I was in Cincinnati and it was easily one of my favorites.

The Supremes- Sotomayor, Ginsburg & Kagen Supreme Court Justices Enamel Pin from BoredInc on Etsy: Resist and persist my babes! This pin is a constant reminder of just three incredible women who can and should make you realize that women can do ANYTHING.

Ruth Baby Ginsburg Dissent Collar Baby Bibs from dirtsa studio on Etsy: I can’t handle the cuteness of these bibs. I found them on Etsy and immediately, and I mean, IMMEDIATELY sent a set to my sister for the twins. They’re modeled after Ruth’s famous collars and they are just the cutest things in the world. Aside from the babies wearing them, of course.

Female Justices Feminist Shirt from Yellow Dog Tees on Etsy: I know this t-shirt style is all over the place but I mean, come on. This one is tops.

Dissent Collar Pin from The Found on Etsy: Favorite enamel pin alert! I love this minimal style and if someone wanted to send it my way, well let’s just say I wouldn’t dissent.

RBG Quote Matte Poster from Pop Culture-y on Etsy: This poster belongs anywhere you’ll see it every day for a little reminder that you are fierce.