Just Launched- Stitch & Shutter Stock!
Stitch & Shutter Stock- Styled images for creatives

I am so very excited to let you all know that I have launched Stitch & Shutter Stock on Etsy! This is a shop separate from Stitch & Shutter (leather goods) where you can find affordable styled stock photos to help your creative business thrive! All single images are just $6 and are available for download immediately after purchase. I'll be adding a TON more digital content soon and I have plans to launch bundles, Instagram Stories layouts and possibly even a membership plan later this year so that you can sign up for more great content at even deeper discounts!

As a small business owner, I know how much time and effort goes into creating beautiful, professional visual content for your Instagram, blogs, website and other social media platforms and I decided that I needed to serve my fellow #creativepreneurs by helping out in this area.

I hope these images can help you achieve the professional, cohesive look you've been dreaming of while saving you time and money!

I'd love to keep serving you with more photo tips and tricks, behind-the-scenes of shoots, camera settings, lighting tips, and how I plan for an entire month of Instagram in one day. I've been sharing some of this in my Instagram Stories at @stitchandshutter. If there's enough interest in these topics, I'll keep sharing and possibly launch an Instagram devoted to Stitch & Shutter Stock where you can get inspired to create your dream Instagram feed!