A Nearby Oasis


We hop in the car and drive just twenty minutes away from home. We're headed northwest and it's 66° outside, mere days before the start of spring. Between the weather shift and the energy it brings, it feels as though we're on a mini vacation. Not to mention the destination. We're bound for Paulino Gardens, a Denver gem to gardeners and indoor plant lovers. 

A family-owned business, Paulino Gardens opened in 1960 when the Paulino family started selling home grown vegetables at the same location you find the business today. Now? Paulino Gardens is one of the largest full service nursery and garden centers in Colorado. 

It's truly an absolute oasis, filled to the brim with one of the most extensive selections of indoor plants in CO from exotic to succulents and cacti, water plants and herbs (find not only house plants galore but a wide selection of outdoor plants and landscaping as well). This magical place is a plant lovers dream. We spent nearly 2 hours just wandering about, collecting plants and marveling at the diverse selection and some of the most massive cacti we'd ever laid our eyes on before an employee informed us that they'd be closing in a few minutes. Needless to say we'll be heading back soon to stock up on herbs for our outdoor gardens.

Now if I can just have a property with a massive greenhouse for some of those "far taller than my ceiling" trees and cacti...