Cactus Madness! - My Top 10 Favorite Finds

It should come as no surprise to many of you that my cactus obsession has been blowing up more than usual as of late. From adorable stationary to yoga mats and candles, I just can't get enough of those little cuties! I launched the spring hand-painted line several months ago and even included a cactus print for the win. And so I thought I'd share some of my favorite cactus finds with you, my fellow plant lovers. Enjoy! ...Also, I apologize to your wallets in advance.

1. Cactus Family Boxed Set of 6 Cards from Heart Swell (find it here)

2. Desert Pocket Notebook Set from Heart Swell (find it here)

3. White Cactus Yoga Mat from Wild Arrow (find it here)

4. Porcelain Bowl with Gold Luster Cactus Decorations from Lemon Glaze (find it here)

5. Cactus Studs from Katie Dean Jewelry (find them here)

6. Mini Cactus Pin from Have a Nice Day! (find it here)

7. Cactus Coasters from Clive Roddy (find them here)

8. Cactus Mug from Little Lovelies Studio (find it here)

9. Cactus Love Sticky Notes from Bella's Bits & Buys (find them here)

10. Decorative Cactus Candle Tea Lights- Set of 6 (find them here)