As a sort of follow up to the last post (side note, I may or may not have watched "Crossroads" this past weekend...delightfully terrible and I hadn't realized Zoe Saldana and the gal who plays "Pennsatucky" in OITNB are the two friends in the movie), I thought I would take a moment to do a better introduction to the blog. 

I tried to decide what my approach with this little section of my website would be. Should I keep it to brand related topics? Should I do some 'how to' articles and allow you to fully embrace my DIY obsession? Should I write stories on artists I'm inspired by? Should I talk about embarrassing guilty pleasure movies and shows I watch when no one's around to have to suffer through them with me? So I settled on this blog being all of those things. Maybe not so much the guilty pleasure television, I'll try to keep those (mostly) to myself. So what's in store for you here is a delightful mishmash of art, DIY projects and furniture "revamps" (as my grandmother or "buddy" would say), inspiration, restaurant gems in Denver, camping and jeeping and outdoors oh my, and a process story here and there. And perhaps at some point there will be an inspirational follow up to the first introduction and you'll finally be saved from that horribly uncomfortable and anxiety building edge of your seat that your butt's been planted on since you read the words "Stay Tuned."

So that really oughtta sum it up and I promise there won't be "An Introduction: Part III."

Thanks for visiting,